3 Best Telescope For Beginners – Viewing Planets With this

Astronomical Telescopes are now becoming a fad for a hobby because of increasing interest in Astronomy and stargazing activities. If you’re also a nature lover and also have a great interest in stargazing, you have to purchase an astronomical telescope. Purchasing a space telescope for novices completely depends on what you would like to look through it. Basically, people use it in order to study the stars and planets.

Almost Every beginner in this field gets cheated by telescopes sellers. They’ll say wonderful things about magnification and look that may lead buyers to a bad option. Technically speaking, a telescope magnifies the astronomical things, it collects light and diverts it to the eyepiece.

The astronomical telescope Or space telescope weight depends on the aperture size of this telescope. If the aperture is large than the weight of the telescope is much more. Also, it would be expensive. All telescopes are mounted on various kinds of mounts for bearing the mass of the telescope likeex alt-azimuth mount, equatorial mount, Dobsonian mount.

There Are mainly two types of space telescope for beginners, one is your reflector telescope and the other one is that the refractor telescope. A reflector telescope is good for viewing distant objects. It removes light aberration and smudging but”dragging effect” may occur in this type of telescopes. Refractor Telescope is very good for observing the moon, planets, etc. but those are costly. As a beginner in this subject, an individual can go for an 80 millimeter refractor or a 130 mm- 150 mm Newtonian reflector.

There are two major things to Remember when purchasing an astronomical telescope:
1. Aperture
2. Focal length

Best Astronomical Telescopes for Beginners

Below i Give 3 Best Astronomical Telescopes List which are best for Beginners.

 1.Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ Newtonian Telescope

Celestron AstroMaster 130 It is not meant for the experienced person. If you are looking for your first telescope then that is indeed among the best choices. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a dual-purpose telescope which appropriates for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, this is for you. It is not really pricey like other telescopes with the same aperture.

2. Orion StarSeeker IV 130

Orion StarSeeker IV 130 telescope for beginners gives quite clear and detailed views of all kinds of celestial bodies like the moon and other planets. It has go-to characteristics that make this astronomy telescope easy to use and find planets, stars, and galaxies to research.

3. Celestron Speciality Travel Scope 70 Telescope ( Under Budget )

The Celestron Speciality Travel Scope is Just Another budget telescope byCelestron for beginners. It has 70mm refractive aperture fixed on a700mm of focal length with magnification up to 165x. You can clearly viewBoth the Jupiter and its moons from using this telescope but past theThings get cloudy.

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